Dixie's Cafe Too

Please contact us if you are interested in having our Food Trailer at your next event! Dixiescafe2013@gmail.com 

We will have our Food Trailer at the following events:

Labor Day Beach Bash at Belle Starr Marina in Lake Eufala Saturday 9/2/17 10am to 10pm

**Ongoing** Thursday nights from 4pm to 8pm in Coweta's Broadway District Starting Thursday 9/7/17 thru December 2017 on Broadway in Downtown Coweta

Port Harbor Dash at the Port of Catoosa Saturday 9/23/17 from 8am to 1pm (For more info visit: www.tatur.org) 

Community Baptist Coweta (28052 E 127th St. S Coweta, OK) Sunday 10/1/17 from 11:30am to 1:30pm

Three Rivers Museum (220 Elgin St. Muskogee, OK) Thursday 11/2/17 from 11am to 2pm