CF Warriors

We want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our heart!!!
Because of your support we have been able to give the following CF patients Smiles for a day!

Cheyanne- Haskell, OK

Bambie- Tucson, AZ

Michelle- Tucson, AZ

Ashley- Pheonix, AZ (Rest in Peace)

Lauren- Tucson, AZ (Rest in Peace)

Liam- Tulsa, OK 

Blaine- Coweta, OK 

Tiffany- Claremore, OK

Geoffrey- Tulsa, OK 

Alexxa- Coweta, OK

Michelle- Broken  Arrow,  OK

Elania- Tulsa, OK

Tiffany- Broken Arrow, OK 

Sean- Tulsa, OK 

Braden- Owasso, OK

Cameron- Coweta, OK

Trevor- Oktaha, OK 

Holli- Tulsa, OK (Rest in Peace)

Please continue to follow the works through Brandon’s Hope. Each recipient receives gifts of their choice in the amount of $500.00.
(If you have CF or know someone with CF please contact us @ or 918-279-6830 ask for Dixie or Amanda)