About Us

Dixie's Cafe was created on the foundation of Food. Family. & Faith.

Our serving plates, Drinking cups, Coffee Mugs, Dessert Dishes, etc… have become our signature flair along with our unique flavors we've created to awaken your taste buds while nourishing your soul. We pride ourselves on our scratch cooking but when we can't make homemade items we get out our doctor kits fix them right up even better then when we got it.

We Hand Bread our Chicken Fried Steak, Chicken Tenders and Catfish. We Hand Chop and Slice All Fresh Vegetables, Salads to help ensure the freshest quality possible. We Make our own, BBQ sauces, Salad Dressings, Salsa’s, Gravy, Soups, Chili, Spaghetti Sauce, Apple Mustard, Dixie's Spicy Spread, Wasabi Tarter sauce, Cinnamon Pecans, Granola and much much more.

Dixie grew up around the Country all her life but lived most of her life in Arizona. She has lived in Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, Oregon, Florida, Oklahoma, Alaska, and Ohio. She has 3 children,  Amanda (Business Partner), Brandon (passed away) Noah Lee, Son in Law Mudi (Passed Away) 2 Grandkids, Jaeden and Mylah. She has been Married for nearly 30 years to Christopher who is Retired Air Force. (He is Dixie and Mandies, Food Trailer Hauler, Dish Person and Cafe Gofer, Go for this-Go for that and Mandies Personal Manny for her kids)

Dixie’s children Amanda and Brandon grew up in another restaurant she and her family had previously for 16 years located in Tucson Az. Dixie has been in Food all her life. She grew up with family in the Restaurant business around the Country and began her career setting tables for Catering Events, Bussing Tables and seating Guests at the ripe old age of 5. She didn't really begin cooking though until she had a family of her own. Dixie has never used recipes but loves to create unique sometimes funky flavors. The families Motto is “don't knock it till you try it” so in Dixie’s house everyone tries everything at least once usually there are more thumbs up then thumbs down.

 Amanda (Mandie), Dixie’ s oldest child has her Bachelors in Business Management and so when Dixie was looking to take on another restaurant venture it only seemed Natural to have Mandie become her 50/50 Partner. These two have a unique bond that most would say is the truest bond between a mother and daughter. While Mandie would be the first to say she doesn't enjoy cooking she has learned well and does a good job, her fortay is running the Financial aspects of the business along with managing the staff. You may even spot Jaeden, Mylah and Noah in pictures or at The Cafe. They all love helping people, have had great losses in their lives and have always lived, laughed and loved together.

The Blue and Purple Hearts you see on their Food Trailer, (Dixie’s Cafe Too) as well as their menus, flyers, business cards and other outlets for business resources allows Dixie, Amanda and their family to keep the Memory of Brandon and Mudi alive. Mudi although married into The Olson Family, learned quickly that CF was a cruel disease and he supported their cause and Brandon's fight. The Purple is a favorite color to Mudi as well as CF Awareness color, the Light Blue was the color of Brandon's eyes.

Dixie and Amanda sincerely Thanks Everyone who donates to their cause in memory of their loved ones they have lost. 

The picture below is the complete Olson and Mafemi Families around a meal table where many special memories were made rather we were at a restaurant, home, or the hospital with Brandon. This is why we want to help you and your family make memories around the meal table as well!